New Viral TikTok Challenge Leaves Boy Brain Dead

A 12-year-old Colorado boy was reportedly left brain dead after using a shoelace in the “Blackout Challenge,” which dares people to choke themselves until they lose consciousness.

Joshua Haileyesus, who was found by his twin brother passed out on his bathroom floor on March 22, has since been declared brain dead – and doctors told the family to prepare to say their goodbyes, Fox 19 reported.

“He’s a fighter. I can see him fighting. I’m praying for him every day,” said Joshua’s father, Haileyesus Zeryihun, according to the outlet. . .

Joshua’s parents said the boy has often used social media, which has helped him learn and gain connections to new passions such as cooking, guitar and acting. He was exposed to the positive aspects of social media and technology, but also was exposed to their dangers, they said. . .

The “Blackout Challenge” has been trending on social media apps such as TikTok. (Read more from “New Viral TikTok Challenge Leaves Boy Brain Dead” HERE)

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