Democrats’ Expensive Stimulus Was Supposed To Get Kids Back In School, So Why Are They Still Remote?

Weeks after Democrats jammed President Joe Biden’s $1.9 COVID spending plan through Congress with hope the funds would push schools to reopen, 58 percent of K-12 districts in the U.S. are still not offering fully in-person classes for all of their students.

Biden’s spending plan allotted more than $129 billion for elementary, middle, and high schools to use in their reopening efforts, a decision by Democrats that ignored the $100 million unspent dollars designated for “for cleaning and disinfecting” in the CARES Act. But the school reopening efforts that Biden reportedly supported and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention encouraged seem to keep falling flat nearly a month after funds were granted.

The White House previously admitted that a portion of the funds designated for education would not directly benefit reopening efforts now and were designated for future staffing endeavors, a direct nod at teachers’ unions.

One provision in the spending bill sought to provide $7.6 billion over the next 10 years toward a program that prioritizes the interests of teachers unions by funding a scandal-filled, already bureaucratically-resourced telecommunications program called E-Rate to incentivize virtual learning. Even the money immediately awarded to school districts for classroom learning to resume, however, doesn’t seem to be enough for at least 7 percent of U.S. districts that continue to operate on a fully remote basis. (Read more from “Democrats’ Expensive Stimulus Was Supposed To Get Kids Back In School, So Why Are They Still Remote?” HERE)

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