North Korea Reportedly Testing ‘Suicide’ Drones to Spy On, Attack Enemies

North Korea has reportedly finished testing “suicide” drones that can spy on and then attack the Hermit Kingdom’s enemies.

The new “miniaturized unmanned drones” are capable of “precision reconnaissance of areas deep within the frontline” — ending with “pincer attacks,” meaning strikes from both flanks, sources told Daily NK.

Military authorities raced through testing of the drones after dictator Kim Jong Un called their development an “important task” for the country, the report said.

The despot then reportedly sent a personally signed “grateful message” to the team, saying the successful tests “establishes yet another cornerstone to promote the advancement and strength of the Korean People’s Army.” (Read more from “North Korea Reportedly Testing ‘Suicide’ Drones to Spy On, Attack Enemies” HERE)

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