Putin Is Russia’s Sexiest Man, Russian Poll Finds

. . .When asked who the most handsome man in their country was, 18% of Russia’s men and 17% of its women allegedly thought of their bare-breasted, horseback-riding, scandal-immune leader, Vladimir Putin.

The highly suspect and mildly terrifying poll by job board site Superjob.ru surveyed 2,000 Russians and determined that the 68-year-old bachelor is the sexiest man in the country, the Moscow Times reported. . .

And coincidentally, the “open-ended” survey, which was conducted in person, was published after Putin was granted permission by lawmakers to run for president until 2036.

No word yet on what happened to the 82% of men and 83% of women who didn’t vote for Putin in the poll. However, it should be noted that 19% of men named themselves as Russia’s most handsome man. And 18% of women said there does not exist a single handsome man in all the land, according to the Times. (Read more from “Putin Is Russia’s Sexiest Man, Russian Poll Finds” HERE)

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