Islamist Follower of Louis Farrakhan “the Messiah” Attacks Capitol Police Officers, Kills One; Facebook Immediately REMOVES Alleged Attacker’s Account

By WND. The suspect who allegedly rammed a barrier at the U.S. Capitol on Friday and killed a police officer identified himself on his Facebook page as a “Follower of Farrakhan,” the leader of the Nation of Islam.

Andy Ngô, known for his exposure of Antifa and other extremist movements, posted on Twitter the Facebook pages belonging to Noah Green before they were removed.

The New York Post reported Green, who was shot dead by police at the Capitol, is “a Nation of Islam devotee.”

The 25-year-old wrote on Facebook two weeks ago: “I was on the right track and everything I had planned was coming into existence. It required long hours, lots of studying, and exercise to keep me balanced while experiencing an array of concerning symptoms along the path (I believe to be side effects of drugs I was intaking unknowingly).”

“However, the path has been thwarted, as Allah has chosen me for other things. Throughout life I have set goals, attained them, set higher ones, and then been required to sacrifice those things.” (Read more from “Suspect in Capitol Police Attack Islamist Follower of Farrakahn” HERE)


Facebook Removes Account of Capitol Attack Suspect and Self-Described ‘Follower of Farrakhan’

By Washington Examiner. Facebook removed the account of the person identified as the deceased suspect in Friday’s attack outside the U.S. Capitol, which killed one U.S. Capitol Police officer and injured at least one more.

Noah Green, said to be a 25-year-old from Indiana, described himself as a “Follower of Farrakhan” and vocal member of the Nation of Islam. Authorities are investigating the attack and have not yet announced a motive.

Green was identified by numerous news outlets as the man who law enforcement officials say rammed his car into at least two members of the Capitol Police, smashed the vehicle into a barricade on Constitution Avenue, jumped out wielding a knife, and was shot and killed by police. All three were taken to a hospital. . .

Green’s posts on Facebook, which were quickly removed by the social media company, made it clear he was going through personal struggles, indulged in conspiratorial thinking, was a follower of the Nation of Islam, a breakaway religion from Sunni Islam based in part in the belief of black superiority over white people, and was a fan of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who is well known for racist and anti-Semitic views.

“After this horrific event, our thoughts are with the Capitol Police and their loved ones,” Facebook told the Washington Examiner on Friday. “We have designated the incident under our Dangerous Individuals and Organizations policy, which means we have removed the suspect’s accounts from Facebook and Instagram, and are removing any content that praises, supports, or represents the attack or the suspect. We are in contact with law enforcement as they conduct their investigation.” (Read more from “Facebook Removes Account of Islamist Follower of Farrakahn” HERE)

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