The Truth About Nation Of Islam Sure Complicates That Capitol Attack Corporate Media Would Like To Forget

There was an attack at the Capitol last week by a devotee of Louis Farrakhan, the 87-year-old in charge of the Nation of Islam. Noah Green bought a knife and rammed his car into the barriers on Good Friday, injuring one Capitol Police officer and killing another, Billy Evans, who leaves behind two young children. . .

“Suspect in attack at U.S. Capitol described as average jock whose mental health appeared to quickly unravel,” a Friday night USA Today headline read. . .

For those as unfamiliar with the tenets of the Nation of Islam as its leaders would like, it preaches some things like self-empowerment and self-sufficiency, but it does all this toward black supremacy, virulent racism, shocking antisemitism, and conspiracy theories that would be hysterical if so many angry, vulnerable young men didn’t believe them.

Its creation story tells of white people being made by an ancient mad scientist over centuries in his laboratory to torment the noble black race. It all begins well over 6,000 years ago, when Islam (which, they might be surprised to learn, is only a 1,400-year-old religion) controlled Africa and Asia, which were just one massive continent back then. The American Indians were bad Muslims so the black Muslims sent them to North America, but they’re generally still cool with the Nation. And the white devils, who are subhuman and have no souls, by the way, were kicked out to live in caves in Europe where our love of bestiality birthed apes and, somehow, donkeys I guess.

It’s an obviously ridiculous and deeply hateful religion, and it’s sold to vulnerable young black men in prison, on the streets, and increasingly on the internet, where Evans appears to have begun his “studies.” (Read more from “The Truth About Nation Of Islam Sure Complicates That Capitol Attack Corporate Media Would Like To Forget” HERE)

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