Unarmed Marine Tased in Front of Hospitalized Daughter by Out-of-Control Cops

Shocking video that has gone viral shows Marine veteran Carl E. Andersen Jr. being tased twice and dragged away by a sheriff’s deputy and police officers while he was in the hospital room of his 19-month-old daughter.

On April 17, 2019, Andersen’s daughter Charlotte was severely injured when his fiancé Carissa Hiteshew, who was five-months pregnant with his son at the time, accidentally struck her with a car, Andersen said. While his daughter’s injuries were not life-threatening, she suffered a crack in her skull that was serious, so she needed to be taken to an intensive care unit.

The infant girl was being treated in intensive care in Colorado Springs when a plain-clothes detective from the Teller County’s sheriff’s department entered her hospital room and demanded that both Anderson and Hiteshew hand over their phones without explaining why, Anderson said. When Andersen refused, the deputy came back with three officers from the Colorado Springs Police Department who were determined to get the phones through force, he said.

“When they walked into the room, it sort of felt like I was getting ready to go on patrol in Afghanistan,” Andersen told Task & Purpose. “I had just had this deep-seated feeling of: Well something is about to happen here and it’s not going to be good.” . . .

He has filed a lawsuit against the city of Colorado Springs, Teller County, and the four officers involved in the altercation in his daughter’s hospital room. Representatives from Teller County and the Colorado Springs Police Department declined to comment for this story, citing the ongoing litigation. (Read more from “Unarmed Marine Tased in Front of Hospitalized Daughter by Out-of-Control Cops” HERE)

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