Appeal Planned in 2020 Presidential Election Fight

The lawyer who’s been fighting for an accurate review of the 2020 presidential election results in Antrim County, Michigan, says he’ll appeal a judge’s decision this week to dismiss his lawsuit.

The extended interview with attorney Matthew DePerno is posted online at the Gateway Pundit.

In it, he explains that the judge dismissed the case partly because state officials said they already had audited the outcome.

But he said the problem lies with the details, because the secretary of state could define whatever she wanted as an “audit,” and that’s just not right.

“Presumably,” DePerno explained, state officials could require someone to fill out 50 forms in triplicate on pink paper, pay $50,000, and then they would go to five designated locations and look at one ballot and call that an audit. (Read more from “Appeal Planned in 2020 Presidential Election Fight” HERE)

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