Green Light Given to Extend 2020 Presidential Recount in Arizona

An audit of the 2020 presidential election results from Maricopa County, Arizona, which was one of multiple states where Joe Biden won by a narrow margin, resulting in objections from lawmakers based on evidence of fraud, is likely to be extended.

Originally the audit, being organized by Republicans in the state Senate, was to have concluded about May 14, as the process is being done at Veterans Memorial Coliseum and that facility has multiple graduation ceremonies booked starting on that date and for a few days following.

But now it has been revealed the process could continue after those events.

Ken Bennett, the former Arizona secretary of state who is liaison for the audit, said in a report in the Arizona Republic that the facility now has given permission to resume after those events, and for “as long as we need it” for the audit.

Democrats, who have sued to suppress the results, also say they may sue if the auditors go ahead with planned interviews with a selected number of voters, to complete the audit and gain evidence that voters are who they said they are. (Read more from “Green Light Given to Extend 2020 Presidential Recount in Arizona” HERE)

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