In Ordaining a Trans Bishop, Leftist Denomination Calls God a Liar

It’s a dangerous and disheartening turn when a church forgets, casts aside, or re-writes the biblical and scientific facts of what it means to be human in order to embrace a fashionable new theory. Yet in recently becoming the first major American denomination to ordain an openly trans bishop, this is precisely what the left-leaning Evangelical Lutheran Church in America just did.

Rev. Megan Rohrer, the new bishop, is a very interesting person. Although God joyfully created her female and she still retains her lovely female first name, she employs the plural pronouns “they” and “them” for herself, as well as “he,” and asks the rest of us to do the same. She does not, however, seem to fully identify as a man, and at 41, her “transition” seems to still be in process. . .

Rohrer claims to be a minister of a faith in which the first truth we read about male or female, in the very context that Jesus referenced, is that both are the unique and exclusive image of God in creation. Assuming male or female is simply what we are “assigned at birth” or “identify as” is not an option for anyone who takes Jesus at His word. It is not an option for anyone who takes science and biology seriously, either.

But by dictate of an intentional policy, one of the largest religious entities in America has just radically changed God’s first words to us about His own image and likeness in the world, as well as what it means to be human, officially affirming the false idea that God tells us lies about who we are through the bodies He gave us.

We can be sure of this: God isn’t the confused one. The ELCA has also told all members of their denomination that in order to be good and loving members, they are expected to embrace and celebrate the leaders who believe those lies (Read more from “In Ordaining a Trans Bishop, Leftist Denomination Calls God a Liar” HERE)

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