Taliban Seizing Afghan Military’s Outposts, Forces Surrendering

As U.S. forces withdraw from Afghanistan, Taliban militants seize military outposts by threatening security forces until they agree to surrender, The New York Times reported Thursday.

By mid-May at least seven security outposts in rural Eastern Afghanistan have surrendered to the Taliban and around 120 law enforcement officials were allowed to leave villages after handing over weapons and other equipment, according to the Times.

“We told them, ‘Look, your situation is bad — reinforcements aren’t coming,’” 53-year-old village elder Nabi Sarwar Khadim who helped negotiate the surrenders said, the Times reported.

At least 26 outposts have surrendered to the Taliban since May 1, according to government officials and village elders, the Times reported. The Taliban have seized four district centers and displaced governors, police officers and intelligence officials. . .

The Taliban have exploited the U.S. troop withdrawal’s effect on Afghan security force morale to seize territory, military vehicles, weapons and ammunition, while buying off local militias, according to The Times. (Read more from “Taliban Seizing Afghan Military’s Outposts, Forces Surrendering” HERE)

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