Haters Trying to Disbar Texas Attorney General Paxton for Filing Vote Fraud Suit

. . .The State Bar of Texas originally dismissed a complaint that Paxton had committed professional misconduct by petitioning the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn President Biden’s victory in four swing states. But the Board of Disciplinary Appeals, a tribunal of 12 independent lawyers appointed by the Texas Supreme Court, overturned that decision late last month, ordering the bar to investigate whether Paxton’s lawsuit to overturn Biden’s electoral win was frivolous, unethical, and filed in bad faith. AP reported Wednesday.

The state bar dismisses thousand of grievances each year, and the appellate board overturns those dismissals in fewer than 7 percent of cases.

The complaint against Paxton was filed by Keith Moran, president of the Galveston Island Democrats. Moran, 71, showed his initial complaint to AP and also a June 3 letter from the Board of Disciplinary Action indicating that Paxton has less than a month to respond. Paxton “wanted to disenfranchise the voters in four other states,” Moran told AP. “It’s just crazy.” He told The Texas Tribune that Paxton should have dropped the suit after legal experts predicted, correctly, that the Supreme Court would just dismiss it. “He wasted my taxpayer money,” Moran said. (Read more from “Haters Trying to Disbar Texas Attorney General Paxton for Filing Vote Fraud Suit” HERE)

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