Report: D.C. Mayor Defends Use Of Tear Gas Against BLM — After Denouncing Trump

Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser is defending the city’s use of tear gas last year against Black Lives Matter protesters — after she denounced President Donald Trump for the same (though federal authorities did not, in fact, use tear gas).

Last year, Democrats — including Bowser, and President Joe Biden — falsely accused the Trump administration of using “tear gas” to clear “peaceful protesters” from Lafayette Square in front of the White House for a presidential “photo-op.” As Breitbart News repeatedly noted, the protesters were not “peaceful”; they had been cleared by the U.S. Park Police according to a decision that had nothing to do with the photo-op; and federal officers used pepper balls, not “tear gas.”

Mayor Bowser denounced the clearing of the protesters at the time. However, she is now in court defending the D.C. Metro Police for using tear gas to disperse the crowds — and the Department of Justice is also fighting the lawsuit.

Constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley noted Tuesday that the lawsuit revealed that Bowser’s own administration had used tear gas — unlike federal authorities — to disperse demonstrators merely one block away from Lafayette Square[.] (Read more from “Report: D.C. Mayor Defends Use Of Tear Gas Against BLM — After Denouncing Trump” HERE)

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