State Bans Critical Race Theory

The governor of Iowa signed a bill into law banning critical race theory in the state, declaring the Hawkeye State will not teach “discriminatory indoctrination.”

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds, a Republican, signed House File 802 into law on Tuesday, codifying the state’s stance against teaching “specific defined concepts,” such as the widely controversial critical race theory.

Critical race theory teaches students to look at American society and history through a racial lens and views race itself as a relatively recent social construct that is weaponized by dominant groups to oppress others.

Reynolds announced the signing in a press release sent on Tuesday, where she said critical race theory was not about education, but rather “labels and stereotypes.”

“Critical Race Theory is about labels and stereotypes, not education. It teaches kids that we should judge others based on race, gender or sexual identity, rather than the content of someone’s character,” Reynolds said. (Read more from “State Bans Critical Race Theory” HERE)

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