FBI Sexcapades: Bureau Rocked By Illicit Office Romances, Workplace Harassment

In April 2015, well before the advent of the #MeToo movement, a senior FBI official assured Congress the bureau had a handle on sexual misconduct In the workplace. “The FBI does not tolerate sexual harassment or sexual misconduct,” then-Associate Director Kevin L. Perkins told the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. . .

The challenges have burst into full view in recent months with the release of several explosive investigative reports by the Justice Department inspector general. The latest came last Thursday, revealing an FBI assistant director violated agency policy by failing to timely report a romantic relationship with a subordinate.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz noted the romance involved more than a rules infraction, it disrupted the workplace.

“The OIG investigation also found that the Assistant Director allowed the relationship to negatively affect an appropriate and professional superior-subordinate relationship and to disrupt the workplace by interfering with the ability of other FBI employees to complete their work,” Horowitz wrote in his report. . .

Back in April, Horowitz released a stunning investigative report revealing that a senior FBI supervisor sexually harassed eight female subordinates in one of the bureau’s most egregious known cases of sexual misconduct. The supervisor was allowed to retire and was not further punished, despite findings that his colleagues found him to be a “skilled predator” who touched female employees inappropriately and solicited one for sex in a conference room. (Read more from “FBI Sexcapades: Bureau Rocked By Illicit Office Romances, Workplace Harassment” HERE)

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