Freak Accident: Chef Dies after Falling into Boiling Pot of Soup

An Iraqi cook in Iraq’s northern district of Zakho, affiliated to Dohuk governorate in the Kurdistan, died after slipping and falling into a huge pot filled with hot soup.

The cook was rushed to a Dohuk hospital to receive treatment for severe burns, but after several days of trying to save his life, the cook died on Monday, as a result of 3rd-degree burns over 70 per cent of his body. . .

In the details of the incident, which occurred last Tuesday in the Hazel wedding hall, according to the local health and security authorities in the area, the victim was preparing dinner for the guests of a wedding party, and while he was busy preparing food, he fell into a hot soup pot.

The strange incident sparked widespread grief in the Kurdish and Iraqi social media platforms, as many commentators stressed the need to double and observe preventive measures inside restaurants and kitchens. (Read more from “Freak Accident: Chef Dies after Falling into Boiling Pot of Soup” HERE)

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