GOP Lawmaker Compares Dr. Fauci to Cult Leader

A Kentucky lawmaker tweeted a meme comparing Dr. Anthony Fauci to Jonestown massacre leader Jim Jones — and later defended the move by saying, “We can’t be led by fear.”

State Rep. Regina Huff, a Republican from Williamsburg who chairs Kentucky’s House Education Committee, tweeted a meme early Tuesday showing the nation’s top infectious disease next to Jones — whose 909 followers downed poisoned Kool-Aid in a mass murder-suicide at his compound in Guyana in 1978.

“I persuaded over 900 people to drink my Koolaid,” read a caption beneath a photo of Jones.

“Amateur,” text beneath Fauci’s photo read.

“Some will cavil, they will not be able to help themselves,” Huff wrote alongside the meme, which she later deleted. (Read more from “GOP Lawmaker Compares Dr. Fauci to Cult Leader” HERE)

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