Major General Can’t Take The Heat On Twitter, Disgraces The U.S. Military

U.S. Major General Patrick Donahoe recently found himself in a Twitter debate he couldn’t win, so he tried to get his “opponent” silenced.

Donahoe first became enraged on Twitter after Josiah Lippincott, a Hillsdale College PhD student and former member of the U.S. Marine Corps Artillery, questioned his hysterical attempts to promote the COVID vaccine. Rather than thoughtfully debate Lippincott on the merits of his argument, Donahoe lashed out, going so far as to demand that Lippincott’s academic institution censor his speech. “Hey @Hillsdale come get your boy,” Donahoe whined.

After the Twitter exchange, Lippincott aptly reflected that “[his] interaction with the General serves as a microcosm of the American military’s cultural rot.”

“Here we have a two-star General who spends his days on social media hyping a vaccine for an illness that poses minimal risk to his troops,” Lippincott wrote in his ensuing op-ed. “When pressed on why America can’t win wars and why he embraces policies that treat healthy people like biohazards, his first response is to accuse his critics of treachery and then block them from view.”

As the commanding general of Fort Benning, which straddles the Alabama-Georgia border, Donahoe has repeatedly promoted the COVID therapeutic vaccines via his official Twitter account, but he shirks substantive debate. “[W]e’ve seen a spike in young trainees in the ICU, spike in trainees arriving positive, and it moves quick in the formation,” Donahoe claimed on Twitter. “To get ahead get the shot. Takes five weeks to build the immunity. If you haven’t done so, do it right now. Delta variant aint playing.”

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