President of Haiti Assassinated

Haiti’s police seized on Thursday at least two more suspected members of the gang of assassins that killed President Jovenel Moise, following a fierce battle that left bullets strewn in the streets of the capital.

Hundreds of residents clamored outside the police station where suspects were being held in Port-au-Prince, shouting “burn them” and setting fire to a vehicle they presumed was that of the assassins, according to footage streamed by Haitian media outlets.

Moise, 53, was shot dead early on Wednesday at his home by what officials said was a commando of trained killers, pitching the poorest country in the Americas deeper into chaos amidst political divisions, hunger and widespread gang violence.

Haiti’s police and army quickly tracked down and encircled the presumed assassins, who included foreign mercenaries, officials said in a briefing late on Wednesday. (Read more from “President of Haiti Assassinated” HERE)

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