Taliban Tells Russia It Controls 85% Of Afghanistan, Seeks Peace With Moscow

A delegation of the Taliban terror group met with representatives of the Russian foreign ministry in Moscow, where one delegate claimed the Taliban currently controls about “85 percent of Afghanistan’s territory,” Agence France-Presse (AFP) reported Friday.

The Taliban, a jihadist terror group based in Afghanistan, controls roughly “85 percent of Afghanistan’s territory,” Taliban delegate Shahabuddin Delawar told reporters, as quoted by AFP.

Members of the Taliban delegation specifically claimed to hold sway over “about 250 of Afghanistan’s nearly 400 districts,” according to AFP. The French news agency noted the Taliban’s assertion was “impossible to independently verify and disputed by the government,” referring to Afghanistan’s internationally recognized government based in Kabul.

Taliban terrorists have allegedly “captured the [Afghan] border town of Islam Qala on the Iranian frontier and the Torghundi crossing with Turkmenistan,” Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid told AFP on July 8.

A delegation of Taliban representatives landed in Moscow on Thursday to “assure” Russia the group would not “allow” any other jihadist organizations to use Afghanistan as a base for their operations. (Read more from “Taliban Tells Russia It Controls 85% Of Afghanistan, Seeks Peace With Moscow” HERE)

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