Toddler Dies During Routine Dental Procedure in Kansas

A 3-year-old Kansas boy died during a trip to the dentist, when he apparently had a reaction to a medication while having some teeth pulled, authorities say.

Little Abiel Valenzuela Zapata was brought by his mom to Tiny Teeth Pediatric Dentistry in Wichita last week to have the procedure done because of an infection, his mother told local NBC-TV affiliate KSNW.

Abiel cried when he got an injection in the chair, mom Nancy Valenzuela said, but, “I told him, ‘Papi, everything’s going to be OK. . .

About 3 minutes after the boy was sedated and the dentist worked on his lower jawline, the child’s pulse began to slow and his cheek swelled up, according to a police incident report, the outlet said.

The boy underwent CPR and was rushed to the hospital but later died. (Read more from “Toddler Dies During Routine Dental Procedure in Kansas” HERE)

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