University Accused of ‘Callous’ Experiments on Aborted Babies, Harvesting Genitals

Pro-life activist organizations have accused the University of California, San Francisco, of engaging in “callous” experiments on aborted fetuses and possibly allowing babies that survive an abortion to die.

The anti-abortion advocacy group Live Action reported Saturday that the group Pro-Life San Francisco obtained twodocuments via the California Public Records Act related to how UCSF is conducting research on viable human fetuses. The pro-life group accused UCSF and partner institutions of engaging in “callous abortion harvesting operations.”

“On June 14th and June 25th 2021, Pro-Life San Francisco received documents from the University of California, San Francisco,” Pro-Life San Francisco’s website reports. “Requested under the California Public Records Act, these records shed light on the aborted fetal tissue research projects taking place within the university.”

Live Action’s Bettina di Fiore notes that “fetal body parts are being harvested under the UCSF umbrella from babies aborted at the two UCSF-affiliated Women’s Options Center locations.” She added that studies have shown that labor induction abortion techniques used in those facilities can often result in live births.

Pro-Life San Francisco made requests for documents related to protocols and procedures in place at UCSF for “determining the viability of a neonate after labor induction abortion procedures including … in instances where the neonate is born alive after the procedure is performed.” (Read more from “University Accused of ‘Callous’ Experiments on Aborted Babies, Harvesting Genitals” HERE)

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