Chinese Embassy Calls For WHO Investigation of U.S. Lab

The Chinese embassy called for a World Health Organization investigation into a United States military lab more than 7,500 miles away from the first documented cases of COVID-19 in Wuhan, China.

Chinese embassy spokesman Liu Pengyu responded to a Washington Free Beacon report on a Chinese propaganda campaign that claims the coronavirus leaked from a military lab in Fort Detrick, Md., saying the campaign not only reflects “serious concerns” but also warrants a full WHO investigation into the U.S. military installation.

“About Fort Detrick, the US has remained silent on the serious concerns raised by the international community, including US media,” Liu told the Free Beacon. “The US side must understand that the international community has every reason to raise questions about Fort Detrick, which has a poor track record and is notorious for breaches in lab and contaminant leak, and demand clarification and explanation from the US side and call on the WHO to conduct a thorough investigation into it. This requirement is not only for tracing the origin of COVID-19, but also for the safety of people in all countries.” (Read more from “Chinese Embassy Calls For WHO Investigation of U.S. Lab” HERE)

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