House Democrats Pass Bill To Steal Elections the Old-Fashioned Way

It is appropriate that House Democrats wore masks at their press conference following passage along party lines of their bill allowing Democrats to permanently steal every election in America. Gushing with platitudes about “voting rights” and “access to the ballot,” they gleefully celebrated the final House vote of 219-215, with no Republicans voting for the federal takeover and bludgeoning of the American voting process.

Because not a single reporter likely bothered to read the “new” House Resolution 4, introduced only days before it was rushed through the House, the fake news loudly echoed Democrats’ false claims that this is a voting rights bill. Nope. It isn’t.

Instead, the bill cynically adopts into federal law every losing argument advanced by the vast leftwing elections industry to courts across the country for years. Every theory rejected by the courts has been enshrined in HR 4. The bill also hands control of our elections over to the radical leftwing attorneys in the Voting Section of the U.S. Department of Justice.

Most importantly, the bill codifies congressional districts as “protected” under federal law even if those districts do not have a majority of minority residents. Courts have recognized the importance of majority-minority congressional districts, but have rejected partisan efforts by Democrat lawyers to extend that recognition to congressional districts that do not have a majority of minorities in the district. HR 4 would put into the federal statute protection for districts with more white voters than minorities, thus expanding legal protections to—you guessed it—Democrat House seats.

Such a brazen power grab to ensure Democrats’ permanent control of a majority of House seats forever should be the subject of extensive focus, news coverage, and criticism—which might yet happen if some reporter were to actually read the bill rather than regurgitating spurious Democrat talking points anguishing over the state of voting in 1965, none of which apply today. (Read more from “House Democrats Pass Bill To Steal Elections the Old-Fashioned Way” HERE)

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