New Report on the Wuhan Lab Details ‘Greatest Coverup of All Time’

Over the weekend, House Foreign Affairs Committee Ranking Member Michael McCaul released new details about unsafe conditions at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

For years, Chinese scientists were juicing up and manipulating deadly viruses in unsafe conditions. McCaul is calling on Congress to officially rule out the wet market theory, which the Chinese Communist Party has used to distract from the deadly lab leak.

“While much of the public debate was initially focused on the Huanan seafood market in Wuhan as the origin of the pandemic, the preponderance of evidence now suggests that the virus leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Given the WIV’s demonstrated history of conducting gain-of-function experiments on coronaviruses, including genetically manipulating viruses specifically to make them infectious to humans in BSL-2 labs, as well as their possession of one of the world’s largest collections of coronaviruses, it is completely plausible that one or more researcher(s) was accidentally infected and carried the virus out of the lab. The evidence outlined above, combined the cover-up conducted CCP authorities, strongly suggest the Wuhan Institute of Virology as the source of the current pandemic,” McCaul released in a statement.

“We know gain-of-function research was happening at the WIV and we know it was being done in unsafe conditions. We also now know the head of the Chinese CDC and the director of the WIV’s BSL-4 lab publicly expressed concerns about safety at PRC labs in the summer of 2019. It is our belief the virus leaked sometime in late August or early September 2019. When they realized what happened, Chinese Communist Party officials and scientists at the WIV began frantically covering up the leak, including taking their virus database offline in the middle of the night and requesting more than $1 million for additional security,” he continued. (Read more from “New Report on the Wuhan Lab Details ‘Greatest Coverup of All Time'” HERE)

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