Report: Biden Admin Bringing Afghans ‘With No Documents Whatsoever’ to U.S.

Afghans are arriving in the United States despite having “no documents whatsoever” after having been screened and approved by President Joe Biden’s federal agencies, CNN reported.

Sources with knowledge of Biden’s massive refugee resettlement operation out of Afghanistan to the U.S. told CNN that many Afghans are arriving at Dulles International Airport in Virginia without having any paperwork on them.

The goal from the top-down, a source told CNN, is to fast-track as many Afghans out of the screening and vetting process in European and Middle Eastern countries and board them on flights to the U.S. without first requiring documentation or proof of identity. . .

CNN reported:

The approach from the administration has been “get as many people on the plane as you can, and we’ll sort out the (immigration visa) stuff later,” the source added, pointing to the rush to get people out of Afghanistan after the US-backed government there collapsed. [Emphasis added]

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