GOP Reps. Fined for Not Wearing Masks on House Floor

GOP Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Ga.) and Chip Roy (Texas) have been fined for not wearing masks on the House floor, the Ethics Committee disclosed Wednesday.

Roy has been fined $500, since it is his first documented offense. But Greene was previously fined $500 in May for declining to wear a mask on the House floor, meaning that her latest fine will be $2,500.

House members can file appeals with the Ethics panel to contest the fines, but neither Greene nor Roy did so, according to the committee.

Roy said that he didn’t try to file an appeal because he didn’t think it would go very far, while reserving the possibility to take legal action.

“Filing an appeal to tyrannical overlords is a futile gesture, and — if successful — would leave one without standing to sue, should the mood arise,” Roy said in a statement. (Read more from “GOP Reps. Fined for Not Wearing Masks on House Floor” HERE)

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