Is Big Business Finally Realizing Not Everyone in America Is Liberal?

. . .In the last few years, a solid pattern has emerged around successful conservative legislation that becomes law: Big businesses speak out, perhaps even threatening boycotts or to not do business in the state, and are roundly applauded on social media and by media.

Yet in Texas, where a law protecting the lives of young unborn children is now in effect, big business isn’t diving right in.

Both the New York Times and the Washington Post seem baffled, running articles respectively headlined “Companies Stay Quiet on Texas’ New Abortion Law” and “Corporate America, critical of restrictive voting bills, remains largely silent on Texas abortion ban”.

That’s not for lack of trying on the traditional media’s front. The New York Times reports it tried very hard to get comments on the abortion law, contacting “two dozen major companies.” Those that opted to ignore the Times’ request for comment included McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Delta Air Lines, PwC, AT&T, Oracle, Levi’s, and Patagonia. Likewise, the Washington Post noted that those companies that remained silent included American Airlines, Dell Technologies, Southwest Airlines, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Amazon, Apple and Google. . .

Now while it’s possible these business are just scrambling and conducting polls and focus groups during the holiday weekend, I’m hopeful it indicates they’ve realized plenty of Americans are pro-life—and coming out against the Texas law would only hurt their bottom line. (Read more from “Is Big Business Finally Realizing Not Everyone in America Is Liberal?” HERE)

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