Mental Health Issues Rising Over ‘Climate Despair’

Some people are so upset over climate change they are suffering from mental health concerns considered “climate despair,” a new Washington Post report said.

The devastating and deadly Hurricane Ida has energized activists, including the Post, which published a lengthy piece that claims “more people than ever could experience serious challenges to their mental health as a result” of climate change.

The Post reported on what it refers to as “climate despair”:

New methods for addressing these challenges are emerging in the United States, though some experts believe a surge in mental health issues related to climate change could overwhelm the system — leading them to consider how to radically remake it.

The Post cited heat warnings, wildfires, and floods in recent years as proof of climate change, which is “suddenly feeling a lot more real for many Americans who have not seen it up close until now, clinicians say, leading many to seek one-on-one therapy.” (Read more from “Mental Health Issues Rising Over ‘Climate Despair’” HERE)

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