Military Officer: Biden Is More of a Danger to the West Than the Taliban; Biden’s Afghanistan ‘Success’ Benefited Taliban, Not U.S.

By Washington Examiner. A highly decorated British Army officer said he is “absolutely shocked” at President Joe Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal, rendering the 20 year war “a total waste.”

“6,500 people died – including 3,000 deaths at Twin Towers – and we didn’t achieve a single thing,” said retired Special Operations Staff Sgt. Trevor Coult, who has been feted by both the queen and President George W. Bush.

“He destroyed 20 years’ work in less than 24 hours.”

Coult served for 21 years in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan where he was involved in 178 enemy engagements and survived three bomb blasts. The queen awarded him one of the United Kingdom’s highest honors, the military cross, for saving allied lives during an ambush. He was also awarded a presidential citation by Bush during a White House dinner.

“Biden is the most incompetent president in the history of the United States,” Coult told the Washington Examiner. “He has befriended terrorists. The White House is not a friend to the west, it’s a danger while he is president.” (Read more from “British Military Officer: Biden Is More of a Danger to the West Than the Taliban” HERE)


Afghans Lying About Their Identities to Get Resettled in U.S.

By Breitbart. Some Afghans have lied about their identities or destroyed their passports in hopes to win resettlement across the United States, the Associated Press (AP) reports.

Officials with President Joe Biden’s administration who spoke anonymously to the AP said there have been instances where Afghans at screening sites in safe third countries outside of Afghanistan have sought to come to the U.S. by destroying documents to conceal their real identities.

The AP reports:

In one instance, a red flag popped up on an evacuee’s case as he was mid-flight between two of the overseas transit sites, another U.S. official said, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss the processing. In a comparatively small number of cases, the U.S. transit sites overseas also are dealing with other evacuees who require further investigation, or who lie or destroy their identification in hopes of qualifying for immigration, that U.S. official said. [Emphasis added]

Some who managed to get through crushing crowds and U.S. and Taliban controls at the airport got put on planes and made it to transit sites, without any apparent eligibility for U.S. relocation as an at-risk Afghan, the official said. [Emphasis added]

(Read more from “Afghans Lying About Their Identities to Get Resettled in U.S.” HERE)


Biden’s Afghanistan ‘Success’ Benefited Taliban, Not U.S.

By Boston Herald. The next thing you know, President Biden will be asking the Taliban to join NATO.

Granted Biden took credit for his “extraordinary success,” in bugging out of Kabul and leaving hundreds of Americans behind, as well as abandoning thousands of loyal Afghans.

What he meant to say was that while the evacuation was an extraordinary success, it was a success for the Taliban, not the U.S.

For Biden and the U.S. it was an extraordinary humiliation.

But that has not stopped Biden from making nice with the Taliban, which now rules Afghanistan and holds all those abandoned Americans hostage. (Read more from “Biden’s Afghanistan ‘Success’ Benefited Taliban, Not U.S.” HERE)

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