The GOP Civil War Liz Cheney Waged Is Here, and It Just Might Throw Her Out of Congress

Wyoming Republican congresswoman and NeverTrump Resistance leader Liz Cheney drew a new primary challenger Thursday who came with a big endorsement. Harriet Hageman, a prominent GOP attorney and former Cheney ally, formally threw her hat into the ring with the coveted support from former President Donald Trump.

“Wyoming is entitled to a representative in Congress who remembers who sent her there and remembers what their wishes are,” Hageman told a small gathering of supporters crammed in a hotel conference room. “Liz Cheney is doing neither, I will do both.”

At the heart of Hageman’s 15-minute remarks was painting a clear contrast between herself as a native of Wyoming with a rancher’s upbringing and Cheney as a beltway creature of the swamp apparently more focused on a potential gig at CNN through a vendetta with Trump than service to constituents. Contempt for the very Republican voters Cheney serves is a product of this misdirected attention.

“Liz Cheney has burned all of her bridges with Republicans,” Hageman said, noting the practicality of GOP allies in order to pass effective legislation. But instead, a lonely congresswoman kicked from House leadership has spent the past year on “nothing less than a vengeance tour.”

Cheney appeared unfazed by the new, and likely most competitive contender in the race.

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