We Had ‘Kill Shot’ and Didn’t Take It? Report Makes Bombshell Allegation

A new report on Joe Biden’s Afghanistan evacuation disaster, in which Americans were abandoned to be under the thumb of the Taliban and tens of billions of dollars worth of American war equipment was turned over to the terror group, explains the military probably could have prevented the suicide bombing that killed 13 service members.

But it didn’t.

According to a report at the Media Research Center-affiliated NewsBusters, the “bombshell allegation” appeared on Univision.

It explained according to former Army Green Beret and Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Roger Pardo-Maurer, the Defense Department knew of the homicide bomber at Hamid Karzai International Airport and had scrambled a Predator drone that locked on the target for the kill shot.

Then drone operators were ordered to stand down. (Read more from “We Had ‘Kill Shot’ and Didn’t Take It? Report Makes Bombshell Allegation” HERE)

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