‘Full House’ Star’s Vaccine Mandate Post Sparks Social Media Controversy

Candace Cameron Bure sparked a debate on social media over a post she made that seemingly expressed her skepticism over vaccines.

On Thursday, the “Full House” actress took to Instagram to share a series of images that began with the statement “I’m not anti-v” meaning anti-vaccination. Each picture contained a subhead explaining what the star was for, instead. It then seemed to prompt users to either select “Same.” or “Exactly!”

“This. This is not about what I am against. This is what I am FOR. Read and understand the distinction,” she wrote. “This mama is holding the line and standing up for freedom.”

The images noted that the star is “pro-medical freedom,” “pro-informed consent,” “pro-immune system,” “pro-early intervention” and “pro-sunlight, exercise, real food, & vitamins.” . . .

Yahoo Entertainment reports that Bure’s post sparked a tense debate on her Instagram about vaccine mandates, with many agreeing with her stance while others questioned if her desire to promote medical freedom extends to her thoughts on abortion. Her “Full House” co-star Bob Saget and Hallmark co-stars Lacey Chabert, Danica McKellar, Katharine McPhee and Alexa PenaVega chimed in with messages of support amid the criticism. (Read more from “‘Full House’ Star’s Vaccine Mandate Post Sparks Social Media Controversy” HERE)

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore https://www.flickr.com/photos/gageskidmore/40033849434

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