Joe Biden Celebrates National Coming Out Day: We’re Committed to the ‘LGBTQ+ Community’

President Joe Biden on Monday released a statement celebrating “National Coming Out Day,” using it to wokely emphasize his administration’s commitment to the “LGBTQ+ community.”

“Today, we celebrate National Coming Out Day and the courage of LGBTQ+ people who live their lives with pride, create community with open arms and hearts, and showcase the strength of being your authentic self,” Biden said in a Monday statement, adding slightly to the more traditional LGBT acronym, making it “LGBTQ+.”

“Today and every day, I want every member of the LGBTQ+ community to know that you are loved and accepted just the way you are – regardless of whether or not you’ve come out,” he continued, explaining his administration is committed to “ensuring that LGBTQ+ people can live openly, proudly, and freely in every corner of our nation.”

Biden touted leading an administration with “LGBTQ+ officials” who are “serving openly at the highest levels of government” — a likely reference to Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

However, Biden made it clear that he does not believe the “full promise of equality” has been reached yet, citing “anti-LGBTQ+ bills” which he believes are proliferating state legislatures.

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Photo credit: Gage Skidmore

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