Polls Reflect Biden Disaster Presidency; Biden on Shaky Ground With Fellow Democrats

By Breitbart. President Joe Biden’s sinking job approval rating is ten points lower than that of former President Barack Obama during the same point in his presidency, according to a ratings average charted by RealClearPolitics (RCP).

The RCP average for Obama showed on October 11 of his first year in office that he had a better job approval rating than Biden has now. Biden was the vice president for Obama during his eight years in office.

RCP’s average job approval rating for Obama was 53 percent, a ten-point difference from the current president. Obama’s disapproval rating was 40 percent. . .

RCP’s average job approval versus disapproval rating for Biden is almost the exact opposite, with 52.5 percent disapproving and 43 percent approving of his job performance. Less of a spread than the former president, this is still a 9.5-point difference for the current president[.] (Read more from “Polls Reflect Biden Disaster Presidency” HERE)


Biden on Shaky Ground With Fellow Democrats as Poll Numbers Slide

By Fox News. As President Biden’s popularity among American voters continues to decline, so does his clout among fellow Democrats.

An increasing number of Biden allies have voiced their disappointment in his handling of issues like the border crisis, Afghanistan and the Democratic-controlled Congress, where two major pieces of legislation furthering his domestic agenda remain stalled due to party infighting.

The latest crack in the party foundation became evident Sunday after Virginia’s Democratic gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe, who campaigned with Biden in northern Virginia less than three months ago, said he was “frustrated” with the president and Democrats in Congress.

“We have got frustration with Washington,” McAuliffe said in a CNN interview. “Why haven’t we passed this infrastructure bill? It passed the U.S. Senate with 69 votes two months ago. I have been very straight on television. We’re tired of the chitty chat up in Washington. Get in a room and get this figured out. … They’re paid to get up in Washington, get this done.”

The comments came days after McAuliffe said Biden is currently “unpopular” in Virginia. (Read more from “Biden on Shaky Ground With Fellow Democrats as Poll Numbers Slide” HERE)

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