WATCH: Kenosha Detective Admits Kyle Rittenhouse Only Shot People Chasing Him

Kenosha Police Department Detective Ben Antaramian, a prosecution witness, admitted under cross-examination Monday in Kenosha County Court that Kyle Rittenhouse only shot people who chased him through the streets during Black Lives Matter riots last Aug. 25.

Rittenhouse, who was 17 at the time, is on trial for murder and related charges after shooting and killing two people and wounding another rifle in a melee shortly before midnight. Rittenhouse’s lawyers say that he was acting in self-defense.

Earlier in the day, Gaige Grosskreutz, the man who was wounded and survived, admitted under cross-examination by defense attorney Corey Chirafisi that he had pulled his own gun first, and had pointed it at Rittenhouse, on the ground.

The prosecution then called Detective Antaramian, and Chirafisi went to work again, eliciting an admission that police declined to execute a search warrant on Grosskreutz, and that Rittenhouse had only shot people who were pursuing him.

Chirafisi systematically worked through the other possibilities: “You’d agree there are multiple times, based on the surrounding circumstances, that he doesn’t pull the trigger, right?” After Antaramian seemed reluctant to agree, Chirafisi cited an example in which an unarmed person ran up to Rittenhouse, and then stepped back, and the latter did not fire. (Read more from “WATCH: Kenosha Detective Admits Kyle Rittenhouse Only Shot People Chasing Him” HERE)

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