FDA Lifts In-Person Restrictions on Abortion Pill

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) eased restrictions Thursday on at-home drug-induced abortions by allowing women and girls to end their pregnancies via mail-order pills without having to see an abortion provider in person.

Earlier this year, the FDA had already eased restrictions on the requirement of in-person assessment for drug-induced abortion due to the coronavirus pandemic. The abortion industry and its allies quickly readied tele-abortion services to be utilized on a permanent basis.

In April 2020, Planned Parenthood CEO Alexis McGill Johnson referred to telemedicine abortion as the “silver lining” of the coronavirus pandemic.

Johnson told Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman the fact that many states had attempted to include elective abortions among other procedures that should be temporarily banned to preserve scarce medical equipment for healthcare workers treating coronavirus patients was “unconscionable.” (Read more from “FDA Lifts In-Person Restrictions on Abortion Pill” HERE)

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