Investigation: Woman Says She Was Virtually ‘Groped’ in Facebook’s VR Metaverse

A woman claims she was virtually “groped” in a virtual reality world, and an investigation has been launched. A female believes she was the victim of sexual harassment while testing out a virtual world from Meta – the company formerly known as Facebook.

The alleged victim was a beta tester on the VR platform “Horizon Worlds” – a “social experience where you can explore, play and create.” The virtual world allows users to “design worlds of your own or get to know other members of the community and be inspired by their creations.” The virtual reality metaverse offers “interactive puzzles” and “action-packed games.”

The woman claims she was virtually “groped” during the testing period on Nov. 26. . .

Following the woman’s allegation that she was virtually “groped,” Meta launched an investigation into the incident. The company – formerly known as Facebook – determined that the tester did not activate a safety feature designed to prevent harassment on the platform.

Vivek Sharma – Meta’s Vice President of Horizon – called the incident “absolutely unfortunate,” and admitted that the tech company needs to work on making the safety blocking feature “trivially easy and findable.” (Read more from “Investigation: Woman Says She Was Virtually ‘Groped’ in Facebook’s VR Metaverse” HERE)

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