Now We Know Why the Establishment Has Always Opposed Early Treatment

The shots don’t work for many people, particularly the elderly. The establishment is blocking every other treatment option available. At this point, with so many people recovering even from late-stage COVID by taking ivermectin, which is infinitely safer than the shots, how could anyone ascribe anything other than very sinister motivations to those declaring war on its use?

The shills for Big Pharma and the “Great Reset” who don’t want to see people survive this virus claim they don’t have enough data on ivermectin, despite dozens of studies and simple reality showing that it works better than anything they have suggested. They demand massive randomized controlled trials, but then refuse to fund any such expensive study. They refuse to follow up on positive signals with off-patent therapeutics the same way they blithely ignore negative signals from the vaccines and refuse to follow up with investigative studies. Well, Brazilian researchers just published something better than a randomized controlled trial. They did a study of reality.

Everyone in the entire southern Brazilian city of Itajai was invited to participate in a preventive study of ivermectin for efficacy against severe COVID-19 symptoms. 133,051 (60.3%) volunteered to take ivermectin for two days every 15-day period between July and December 2020 at a low dose of 0.2mg per kilogram of body weight. 87,466 (39.7%) chose to enroll their information as the control group without taking the treatment. So no complaints can be made about a small sample size. The results? The hospitalization and mortality rate of the trial group was nearly half that of the control group!

However, the results are much more impressive than the top-line numbers suggest. One of the complaints about studies like this that are not randomized is that it’s possible for the healthier, more treatment-conscience individuals to sign up for the trial group, thereby confounding the conclusion of the trial results. But in this case, the opposite is true. The ivermectin group had nearly twice as many people over age 50 enrolled, which also included many more people with hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and pulmonary issues. Thus, the relative risk reduction in mortality rate among those high-risk people taking ivermectin was actually much higher – 71% among those with type 2 diabetes and 67% among those with hypertension. The absolute risk reduction was also even greater among older people who are most at risk. (Read more from “Now We Know Why the Establishment Has Always Opposed Early Treatment” HERE)

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