Pelosi, Trump Reveal Plans for Competing Jan. 6 Observances

As members of Congress engage in a prayer vigil to mark the one-year anniversary of the riot on Capitol Hill, former President Donald Trump will mark the occasion at his Mar-a-Largo resort in Florida — battling the press.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat, announced on Thursday a schedule of events for Jan. 6. Trump similarly announced the specifics for a press conference set for the same day.

“These events are intended as an observance of reflection, remembrance, and recommitment, in a spirit of unity, patriotism, and prayerfulness,” Pelosi said. “The patriotism and courage of our members as we prepare for this difficult day is an inspiration for which I sincerely thank you.”

In a letter to Democratic colleagues, which was shared with the media Thursday, Pelosi outlined the schedule, which includes four events. Congress will not be back in session until Jan. 10, but Pelosi invited her Democrat colleagues to the events. She said Congress will also live-stream its commemorations.

The first thing on her list is a pro forma session in the House at noon with a moment of silence on the House floor. At 1 p.m., Carla Hayden, the librarian of Congress, will host a conversation between historians Jon Meacham and Doris Kearns Goodwin about the events of Jan. 6. (Read more from “Pelosi, Trump Reveal Plans for Competing Jan. 6 Observances” HERE)

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