Biden’s America: December Inflation Surges to Highest Level Since 1982

Days after #bareshelvesBiden trended on Twitter in an attempt to call the Democrat White House’s attention to the nation’s ongoing supply chain crisis, inflation in the U.S. surged to 7 percent in December, the highest inflation rate since 1982.

According to the December consumer price index released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics on Wednesday, one of the most notable “contributors to the seasonally adjusted all items increase” was food, which saw a 0.5 percent increase compared to recent months, making Americans’ trips to bare-shelved grocery stores even tougher. Shelter and used vehicles were also named by the bureau as significant contributors to rising prices.

Since December 2020, the energy index climbed to 29.3 percent, food prices are 6.3 percent higher, and gasoline rose to 49.6 percent more than last year.

“The all items index rose 7.0 percent for the 12 months ending December, the largest 12-month increase since the period ending June 1982,” the U.S. Department of Labor stated. (Read more from “Biden’s America: December Inflation Surges to Highest Level Since 1982” HERE)

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