VIDEO: Real Life Nightmare – Man Has Giant, Living Bug Pulled Out of His Ear During ER Visit

A wince-inducing video shows a Texas man having a giant insect pulled out of his ear after the large critter flew into his lug while he was working in his garage.

The patient, identified only as Ronald, was featured on this week’s episode of This Came Out Of Me, a Discovery Channel reality series that profiles unusual and extreme medical emergencies treated by ER doctors in Texas.

In the episode, which aired on Sunday, Ronald is heard telling nurse Paige Grissom how he had been fixing up his dune buggy outside in the garage of his Odessa home when a “daggum bug flew in my ear.”

When asked whether he believed the bug was still alive, Ronald responds that he believes it is, adding: “It’s really irritating. It feels like it’s got some wings and it’s down on my eardrum.”

“Drives me crazy,” he adds. “I couldn’t stand up because it was just so uncomfortable … makes me just unstable.”

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Photo credit: Flickr

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