TikTok Is a Chinese Weapon Pointed at American Kids to Distract Them

Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow and World Editor Frances Martel both described TikTok, a video-sharing app owned by Chinese company ByteDance, as a “foreign weapon” targeting American children and youth on Monday’s edition of the Breitbart News Daily podcast.

TikTok’s displacement of Google as the world’s most popular website, Marlow held, is illustrative of a broader displacement of America’s global position by China. He warned of TikTok and other digital apps’ capacities to obstruct personal development with time-wasting endeavors.

He remarked, “I was floored by the data that TikTok is now even more popular than Google around the world as the most popular domain. Not only is TikTok run by the Beijing Communist Party, but it’s also something that is wildly distracting, and it seems to be custom-built to distract young Americans from doing anything productive, and just to get sucked into this black hole of staring at your screen all day doing stupid stuff.” . . .

Martel replied, “TikTok is terrifying, because it’s a weapon targeted at the youngest Americans, and a lot of Americans are too busy trying to juggle two or three jobs to really stare at every single thing that their kid is watching on their computer, and that’s not their fault. That’s the fault of the non-Big Tech globalists that are making it impossible for you to sustain yourself on one salary, so you have to hustle with Uber or whatever and you’re not paying attention to your kids, and that’s where TikTok comes in.” (Read more from “TikTok Is a Chinese Weapon Pointed at American Kids to Distract Them” HERE)

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