WATCH: Intense Video Reportedly Shows Americans Fighting In Ukraine; US Selective Service Tweets “In The Event Of A Draft” Message

A viral video blowing up on Twitter reportedly shows armed Americans fighting in Ukraine against the Russians.

According to the news agency NEXTA, the video shows multiple armed Americans fighting somewhere near Kyiv. The men are all wearing camo combat gear and clearly armed with rifles as a fire rages in the background.

A man is also clearly speaking English talking about how a couple men were shot during an exchange. Seeing as how President Biden has ruled out American troops on the ground, these would have to be American volunteers. You can watch the crazy video below.

Another day goes by and we have another video of absolutely insane stuff going down in Ukraine. At this point, you’d have to be living with your head in the sand to be surprised by what’s going on over there.

We’ve seen drone strikes, helicopters get taken down, gun battles and much more. Now, we reportedly have a video of Americans on the ground putting in work. (Read more from “Intense Video Reportedly Shows Americans Fighting In Ukraine” HERE)


US Selective Service Tweets “In The Event Of A Draft” Message

By Daily Dot. . .[T]he Selective Service [is] the independent agency tasked with conscripting young males in the wake of a national emergency.

“In the event of a draft, our agency would partner with @fema to provide opportunities to conscientious objectors to ensure our nation keeps moving forward,” the agency tweeted.

The timing of the tweet, given the escalating conflict in Europe, was immediately deemed suspicious[.]

Despite most of the agency’s posts struggling to receive even 10 retweets, the message regarding the draft was quickly shared more than 2,000 times.

(Read more from “US Selective Service Tweets “In The Event Of A Draft” Message” HERE)

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