Kansas Lawmaker Slams Transgender Women Using Women’s Restrooms

A state lawmaker in Kansas said this week that she does not “appreciate” sharing a restroom with one of her transgender colleagues and pointed out that women have been attacked by transgender individuals “who may or may not be for real.”

State Rep. Cheryl Helmer (R) made the remarks in an email with a graduate student from the University of Kansas, NBC News reported. The student reportedly wrote Helmer because he did not approve of her support of a bill that would prevent physicians from performing “gender-affirming” operations or hormone therapy on minors.

Helmer responded saying that she studied biology in college and understands “the difference biologically between a male and a woman” and that no “surgeon can cut, remove, wop, add to change the biology that is chemically occuring in each and every fiber, bone and molecule of every human being.”

“A doctor can inject meds and dilute but cannot destroy what God has done in the perfection of the HUMAN BEING,” Helmer reportedly added. She went on to describe how she feels sharing the women’s restroom with a transgender colleague.

“Now, personally I do not appreciate the huge transgender female who is now in our restrooms in the Capitol. It is quite uncomforting. I have asked the men if they would like a woman in their restroom and they freaked out.” (Read more from “Kansas Lawmaker Slams Transgender Women Using Women’s Restrooms” HERE)

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