Psaki: Biden Still Claims Ignorance of Hunter’s Deals Despite New Reports (VIDEO)

Despite the newly reported evidence from visitor log files that Joe Biden met with one of Hunter Biden’s key business partners in the White House, Press Secretary Jen Psaki said Tuesday that the president stands by his statement that he has never discussed his son’s business dealings with him or with his son’s partners.

The question was posed to Psaki by Fox News reporter Jacqui Heinrich during the daily briefing after the New York Post reported Hunter Biden’s closest business partner, Eric Schwerin, made at least 19 visits to the White House, including a sitdown with then-Vice President Joe Biden in the West Wing. Days before the report was published last week, the Post reported Wikipedia deleted its entry for the investment company co-founded by Schwerin and the president’s son, Rosemont Seneca Partners. Rosemont was the company in the $1 billion equity deal with the state-owned Bank of China that Hunter Biden negotiated during his trip to Beijing with his father in 2013 via Air Force Two.

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