Trump Releases Major Senate Endorsement In Key Battleground State; ‘Romney 2.0′: Trumpworld Implodes Over Ex-POTUS’ Endorsement

By Daily Caller. Former President Donald Trump announced his support for Dr. Mehmet Oz on Saturday, a key endorsement in the wide-open Pennsylvania Republican Senate primary.

Oz, who hosted The Dr. Oz Show on several stations beginning in 2009, announced his candidacy to replace retiring Republican Sen. Pat Toomey in November. His show ended in January following his declaration. He is polling behind former Bridgewater Associates CEO David McCormick, although recent surveys have shown a tightening race.

“This is all about winning elections in order to stop the Radical Left maniacs from destroying our Country. The Great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has a tremendous opportunity to Save America by electing the brilliant and well-known Dr. Mehmet Oz for the United States Senate,” Trump said in a statement.

“Perhaps most importantly, I believe that Mehmet Oz will be the one most able to win the General Election against a Radical Left Democrat looking to do unthinkable harm to our Country,” Trump added. “He will do very well in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, where other candidates will just not be accepted.”

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‘Romney 2.0′: Trumpworld Implodes Over Ex-POTUS’ Endorsement

By Talking Points Memo. Shortly after former President Trump announced his endorsement of celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz in the hotly contested Pennsylvania Senate GOP primary, a slew of Trumpworld figures fired up social media with their apparent disapproval of the former president’s new endorsee to replace retiring Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA). . .

Well before gaining Trump’s endorsement, Oz maintained close ties with the former president since Trump appeared on his show to discuss his health while running for the presidency in 2016. Trump shared what he said were his medical records with the TV doctor, who deemed them “comprehensive.” Oz was later appointed to the Trump administration’s health council. . .

Here’s how some Trumpworld figures imploded upon finding out about Trump’s new endorsement:

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