If Biden Were Trying to Destroy America on Purpose, He’d Do Nothing Differently

Many have watched Joe Biden’s feckless performance over the past 18 months and concluded he’s grossly incompetent, and so is the party that decided to put him in the White House. Yet the incompetence rises to such a level that it prompts a question: If Biden were in fact actively attempting to destroy the United States, would he be governing much differently?

Just consider the last two years of the devastating worldwide lockdowns Communist China unleashed, first with a novel virus and then in its totalitarian response that the rest of the world echoed. Could it be mere incompetence, or does it rise to the level of actual malice, to double down on transferring the United States’s soft and hard power to China following that obvious of an episode?

Compound the devastating, China-enabling lockdown response Democrats demanded with U.S. officials fomenting war in Eastern Europe by foolishly suggesting Ukraine join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The resulting war is not only undermining potential U.S. responses to its top adversary, China, but also needlessly punishing Americans with higher energy and food prices.

Further compound that foolish rush to expand rather than end a war that lacks significant U.S. strategic interests with the deliberate destruction of U.S. energy independence and prosperity. While telling Americans that he’s not at all choking U.S. energy production, Biden is in fact choking U.S. energy production. He blames these malevolent decisions on Vladimir Putin, while actually enabling Putin’s power by taking away American energy as an alternative to Russian energy on world markets. (Read more from “If Biden Were Trying to Destroy America on Purpose, He’d Do Nothing Differently” HERE)

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore via Flickr

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