National Review Has Unconditionally Surrendered to Same-Sex ‘Marriage’

Until a few days ago, few people outside the offices of National Review knew that the revered conservative magazine’s publisher is a homosexual, “married” to a man.

“The publisher of the most important conservative magazine of the last 60 years, National Review, is gay-married?” wrote The Stream’s Peter Wolfgang, who broke the story. “Garrett Bewkes, the man overseeing the magazine once edited by William F. Buckley, has a husband.”

“He’s been the publisher for five years. How did this happen? And what does it mean for the conservative movement and the Republican party?” Wolfgang asked.  “I suspect a lot of NR’s long-time readers don’t know this. I wouldn’t have known if a local newspaper hadn’t run an article by Bewkes’ ‘husband’ Bradley.”

Wolfgang, president of Family Institute of Connecticut Action, continued:

Together they’re starting a Connecticut chapter of the Log Cabin Republicans. That’s a group “dedicated to representing LGBT conservatives and allies” in the Republican party, as they explain on their homepage.

Glenn Greenwald, perhaps the top independent investigative journalist in the world, is “married” to another man with whom he is raising two sons.

Bari Weiss, formerly of The New York Times whose substack produces some of the best coverage and criticism of woke culture and politics, left her husband and is now “married” to a woman.

Andy Ngo, the intrepid journalist who at great personal risk provided unparalleled coverage of Antifa violence, is openly gay.

Jim Hoft, founder and editor-in-chief of Gateway Pundit, is gay and “married” to a male reportedly half his age.
Dave Rubin, host of the popular Rubin Report, announced earlier this year that he and his “husband” are expecting the birth of two children via surrogacy.

Richard Grenell, former acting director of national intelligence and U.S. ambassador to Germany and a partnered homosexual, joined Newsmax in December as a national security contributor and executive for international partnerships.

Fox News personality Guy Benson is “married” to a man and The Daily Wire’s Spencer Klavan is engaged to a male colleague at the conservative media site.

RL Editor’s note: Andrew Napolitano, who attacked Joe Miller in his senate race against Lisa Murcowski, was terminated by Fox News in August 2021 after being accused of sexual harassment by a male co-worker and is a homosexual activist. He aggressively supported same-sex marriage and has been sued by two men for sexual harassment.

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