Pentagon Confiscates Foreign Reporter’s Phone During Official Flight

The Pentagon confiscated a foreign reporter’s phone and forbade them from using all electronic devices while traveling with the deputy secretary of defense.

The situation unfolded during Dr. Kathleen Hicks’ flight to Norway on Sunday, which was first reported by Politico.

Before the plane took off, the reporter from Reuters was told of a new rule forbidding foreigners flying in Air Force planes using top secret classifications from using their electronic devices.

Shortly after they took off, a public affairs official asked the reporter to hand over their phone, and was told that they couldn’t use their computer or AirPods, Politico reported citing a person on the trip. Another journalist on the trip, who is a U.S. citizen, did not have to give up their phone. (Read more from “Pentagon Confiscates Foreign Reporter’s Phone During Official Flight” HERE)

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